People came to her for everything from then on because she knew the fine balance between support and enabling. She spoke little and gave much.

Everyone she helped knew this. I wondered how a woman so loving could be alone. I asked her one day.

     “Why are you alone?”

     “I’m not,” she smiled through a sigh. “I got you, and all these expressions of love dancing around me.” 

I followed her gaze around the yard, which she had transformed into a sanctuary. So many prayers were offered and answered here. I could feel it in the way the leaves laughed — in the breeze or wind — as if they enjoyed every kind of weather without worrying about their fate.

     She read my mind and conceded to the question beneath the question. “I never married because it never felt right for me…there were plenty offers, sweet ones.” She pressed her lips together, tasting memories.

     “But since ‘yes’ was never my truth answer, I never gave it.” She looked at me, feeling me with her eyes.

     I nodded. “I see.”

     “You’ll know when your yes comes. Just keep feeling and following,” she patted my hand twice and stood. Stretching her body to it’s full 4-feet 11-inches. she said, “I believe it’s the only way.”


She cried and cried with the woman holding her. They rocked. And a breeze blew, although only one woman noticed it.

After a while, the older of the two stood up, and handed the other one the garden tools.

“Where are you going?” The sobbing woman looked confused.

“I’ll be inside if you need me, but you won’t. What you got is everything you need to make your life beautiful. Now, it’s between you, God and the dirt now, baby. Work it out.”

And she did.


Say something to me softly…in my ear or the cradle of my neck. It can be anything, really, I have no preference at all. I only ask that it be something just between you and me.

© 2017. All Rights Reserved. Asha Tane.