Still Life.

We are obsessed with capturing women, like animals in the wild. We love them in frozen pictures and select moments, when they require no compromise or commitment. I suppose there is a certain charm to seeing a woman the way one would like to imagine her rather than as she is.

Soft and untouched…available without need…so strong in her vulnerability and endless in her giving.  We are obsessed with framing her, capturing her in still moments, as if she is no breathing entity, as if the only connection she needs is observation, and distant nods or whistles of approval.

Under this lens, she is all beautiful garden with no need for tireless cultivation and sweat. She is palatable for those who like skimming the surface of life until forced to go under.

Still, Life is not “still life” …

Life is a moving thing, ever shifting and changing, knowing that anything else is but a poor imitation of its true magnificence.

© 2017. All Rights Reserved. Asha Tane.

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